Understanding Evaluation and Treatment

If a child complains of an earache, most caregivers know that they should take their child to a doctor and what to expect from the visit. When a child is having emotional or behavioral problems, the path to getting help can seem less clear.

Throughout this section of the website, you will find information about the people, places, and types of treatment involved in children's mental health care. We hope this information will help you and your family better understand the process and make informed decisions.

Who provides children's mental health care?

What is a mental health evaluation?

What types of treatment are available for children?

Getting Professional Help in Virginia

Collection of Evidence-based Practices for Children and Adolescents with Mental Health Treatment Needs (Virginia Commission on Youth)

Participating in Clinical Research

Therapy Groups for Young People

Taking Your Child to a Therapist (KidsHealth)

Sample Record Keeping System (National Alliance on Mental Illness)













Date Reviewed: May 31, 2011